Business Introduction

KOREA POLYTECH CO., LTD. has grown with a focus on developing eco-friendly future materials with the aim of "improving the value of life and harmony with the environment."

  • Material Division (Chemical Biz.)
  • Future Division (Construction Biz.)
  • Oversea Division
  • NF/HP Board Manufacturing
  • Polyurethane System Product
  • Polyester Polyol Manufacturing
  • Polyurea Coating Manufacturing
  • PU Foam Manufacturing
  • Memory Foam Manufacturing
  • Butyl Rubber Manufacturing
  • Insulation of PU Foam
  • Water Proofing, Flooring, Anti-corrosion
  • Elastic pavement

PU System Product

  1. 01 Product Inquiry
  2. 02 Research and Development
  3. 03 Product Test
  4. 04 Product Manufacturing
  5. 05 Delivery
  6. 06 Techincal Service

Construction Business

  1. 01 Construction Inquiry
  2. 02 Product Manufacturing
  3. 03 Site Construction

Field of Construction Business

Heat Insulation
Heat Insulation(Tank)
Heat Insulation
Polyurea Coating
Elastic Pavements

Oversea Division

  • Asia

    Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, India, China

    For sandwich panel, waterproofing, EPS Adhesive, binder

  • South East Asia

    Tailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hongkong, Australia

    For automobile, sandwich panel, waterproofing, EPS adhesive, urea

  • Middle East

    Jordan, Syria, Iran

    For fridge, automobile, EPS adhesive

  • Europe


    For polyurea

  • South America

    Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina

    For slab stock, memory foam, sandwich panel

  • Africa

    Congo(DRC), Equatorial Guinea

    For slab stock, urea