Equipment Status

KOREA POLYTECH CO., LTD. has grown with a focus on developing eco-friendly future materials with the aim of "improving the value of life and harmony with the environment."

1st Factory

PU System House (Gimpo City)
Product PU Systems, Modified ISO, etc
Capa. 30,000 MT/Y (Blenders & Reactors)

2nd Factory

Foam Manufacturing (Gimpo City)
Product PU foams, Butyl Rubber, etc.
Production lines FR, Military, Damping Foams, etc.

3rd Factory

Polyol Manufacturing (Gyeongju city)
Product PU Systems, Polyester Polyol, etc.
Capa. 30,000 MT / Y

4th Factory

Continuous Laminated Board Manufacturing (Buyeo-gun)
Product NF Board, HP Board
Capa. 4,000,000m²

R&D Center

R&D Center (Gimpo city, in the 1st Factory)
Equipment UTM, K-factor tester, NCO & Water Content tester, Viscosity tester, Aging chambers, Various molds, ETC