PU System

KOREA POLYTECH CO., LTD. has grown with a focus on developing eco-friendly future materials with the aim of "improving the value of life and harmony with the environment."

Construction System

Continuous Sandwich Panel / Laminated Board System

  • Insulation materials of construction & industrial products such as continuous sandwich panels with the steel surfaces and laminated boards with the flexible facing materials.
  • Very few voids, no shrinkage and small bending.
Usage Reactivity(GT) Density(FRD) FR Rate B/A
PUR SWP 50(±10) 33±1 B3 CP
PIR SWP 50~60 (±10) 43±1 B1,B2 CP
PUR Board 50(±10) 32±1 B3 CP
PIR Board 50(±10) 33±1 B1,B2 CP

Discontinuous Sandwich Panel System

  • Insulation materials of construction & industrial products such as discontinuous panel(=walk-in-cooler), refrigerated truck, hot/cool water tank, air conditioning duct, etc.
  • Very few voids, no shrinkage and small bending.
Usage Reactivity(GT) Density(FRD) B/A
DCP 160 28±1 141b
DCP 160 28±1 141b
DCP 160 28±1 HFC
DCP 160 28±1 CP
DC board 100 28±1 CP
Ref. truck 160 30±1 141b
Heater 80 32±1 141b
Duct panel 120 23±1 141b
Duct panel 100 26±1 CP
SIP 150 100±3 Water

Spray System

Spray system for the building insulation such as low temperature warehouses, cold/heat storage tanks, poultry sheds, cattle/pig buildings and food storage houses.

Product Density(FRD) B/A Usage
Billy Foam 8±0.5 Water Flexible, water blown
ECO FOAM-22 22±0.5 141b Rigid, low density
ECO FOAM-24 24±0.5 141b Rigid, general
ECO FOAM-26 26±0.5 141b Rigid, general
ECO FOAM-28 28±0.5 141b Rigid, general
ECO FOAM-30 30±0.5 141b Rigid, general
ECO FOAM-40 40±0.5 141b Rigid, high density
ECO FOAM-FR 28±1 141b High FR, B1 grade
ECO FOAM-30LP 30±1 HFC LPG ship
ECO FOAM-28W 28±1 Water Rigid, all water blown

Automotive All System

Flexible System

Usage Density(FRD) Remark
Car Seat 42, 44 MDI type
NVH 80 MDI type
Head rest 50 Pad type, In-Mold
Arm rest 50 MDI type

Semi-Rigid System

Usage Density(FRD) Remark
Steering Wheel 600 ISF, 141b or NP
Dash Board 150~160 Open Mold
140~160 Close Mold
Bumper 100~150 All Water blown
Side Impact protection foam 50 Modified MDI
45 P-MDI
Head Liner 24~26 Wet type
PU Tire 500 ISF

Appliances System

Refrigerator & Showcase System

  • Cabinet and door system of refrigerator, showcase system.
  • Low K-factor, excellent demold time & flowability.
  • Providing good processability and productivity.
Usage Density(FRD) B/A Remark
Refrigerator & Showcase 25±1 CP High Performance
(with NA)
25±1 CP Good Flowability
24±1 CP Good Productivity
23±1 141b Good Dimensional Stability
28±1 141b Slow Reactivity(GT:80s)

Insulation System

Rigid Injection System

  • Insulation materials of construction & industrial products such as PIP, shutter door, water purifier, water tank, SMC door, wood imitation, etc.
  • Customized for the production lines.
Usage Reactivity(GT) Density(FRD) B/A
PIP 160 42±2 141b
PIP 360 43±2 141b
Sutter door insulation 100 22±1 141b
Water purifier 60 19±1 CP
Water purifier 70 24±1 141b
Show case 160 28±1 CP
Water tank cover 60 21±1 141b
Water tank cover 60 18±1 141b
Water tank cover 60 19±1 CP
Floor heating Panel 60 22±1 141b
SMC door 135 27±1 CP
Wood imitation 100 90±5 Water

FR Rigid Injection System

  • Insulation material having high FR feature.
  • Continuous & discontinuous sandwich panel.
Usage Reactivity(GT) Density(FRD) B/A
DCP 120±10 28±1 HFC
DCP 90±5 28±1 HFC
FR Door 120±10 28±1 HFC
DCP 90±5 32±1 HFC
DCP 90±5 28±1 141b
PIR continuous panel 50±10 43±1 141b
PIR continuous panel 50±10 43±1 NGB
PIR laminated Board 50±10 33±1 141b
PIR laminated Board 50±10 33±1 NGB


Applications include furniture such as chairs, mattresses, pillows, padding foams, etc.
Not only polyol resin but also isocyanate can be provided if customers want.

Usage Density(FRD) Remark
Saddle for Bike 45~50 Flexible system, MDI type
Furniture 45 Flexible system, MDI type
Memory 80 Flexible system, MDI type
Goods for baby 250 Semi-Rigid system, ISF, 141b
300 Semi-Rigid system, ISF, 141b
For mannequin 70~80 Semi-Rigid system, Water

Microcellular System for Shoe Sole

Product Density(g/cm3) Hardness(Shore A) Remark
SSO-750(A/B) 0.40~0.45 75~80 For out-sole
SSO-400(A/B) 0.40~0.45 55~60 For mid-sole
SSO-550(A/B) 0.55 55~60 For mid-sole


Recovery Polyether Polyol

Vis OH value H20% Application Remarks
2,800 360 Max0.1 Spray/Board Rigid
2,800 450 Max0.1 Spray Rigid


Features of Magnesium Hydroxide Sulfate Hydrate

  • Needle shape 5Mg(OH)2.MgSO4.3H2O, 513 MHSH whisker
  • Eco-friendly material, substitute for asbestos
  • Composite raw material & specialty filler of plastics
  • Flame retardant effect : Endothermic reaction at 280~800℃, release inactive gas such as water vapor, etc

Application of Magfiber

  1. (1) Flame Retardant
  2. (2) Inorganic Filler
  3. (3) Engineering Plastic